Super Power LW 1000 12/24VDC With Charger

Pure sine wave Low frequency inverter charger, 220VAC (SW series)

70amp built in charger. 12v-24v-48vdc, 1000w-5000w, UPS function . 

It widely applied in wind Generator, Solar battery pack set, house, vehicle, ship, navigation and places where lack of main power, mobile electricity work also telecommunications device, launch Station, Emergency EPS and so on.

SW Series Pure Sine Wave Inverter takes low frequency converter Device, with built in Isolation transformer. Zero Voltage(ZV) and soft switch technic, high capability Motorola MCU, digital and dummy combined technics which Complete the voltage increase in one time and SPWM wave modemed Advanced circuit, high efficiency and compact size, small weight And super stability It has no repellency for the load, which can work well with Inductive load such as fluorescent lamp, electromotor, microwave ovens, Induction cooker, refrigerator, air conditions and transformer. With protection fonction like, DC input protect When pole wrong, AC input protection against over and low voltage, Output protection against over load, shor circuit Protection, DC input and AC output completely electric insulation.

 Inverter Specification Output : 

  • Output wave form : Pure Sine Wave
  • Output continuous power watts : 1000 
  • Output continuous power VA : 1000 
  • Power factor : 0.9-1.0
  • Nominal output Voltage rms : 120/230VAC
  • Output poltage regulation  : +/- 10% RMS
  • Output frequency : 50Hz ± 0.3Hz or 60Hz ± 0.3Hz
  • Nominal Efficiency : >88%
  • Surge ratings : 3000
  • Short circuit protection : Yes, fault after 10 secs

Inverter Specification input :

  • Nominal input voltage : 12V/24V
  • Minimum start voltage : 10V/20V
  • Low battery alarm : 10.5V/21V
  • Low battery trip : 10V/20V
  • High voltage alarm : 16V/32V
  • Power saver : Blow 25 watts when enabled  
  • Power saver : Same switched on/off on remote         

 Charger Mode Specification : 

  • Input voltage renge : 95-127VAC 194243VAC/164243VAC(W)
  • Output voltage :  Dependent on battery type
  • Charger current : 35A / 70A
  • Battery initial voltage for star up : 10-15.7V for 12V(*2 for 24V, 4 for 48V)